Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bread crumbs.

Sometimes we have more bread then we can eat, that usually happens when I get one and my Mom gets one for us too. There are times when we also get additional one from my Mom in law, our Moms always think about us when they go shopping which is really sweet. But what to do with 3 breads, they can last only few days until they go bad, in summer we take the extra loaf to the lake and feed the  ducks and geese but in winter we can't do that. I freeze bread here and there but after defrosting it doesn't taste the same. Last week I had an extra loaf of bread and decided to make bread crumbs. Just cut your bread in small pieces and leave it to dry then use the food processor to crush them. Saves you few bucks and the bread doesn't end up in garbage. 

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